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Should I Get A Spray Tan for my Wedding?

Wedding planning. Say no more, right?! So much to think about and plan! You have to find the perfect dress, venue, food… not to mention you have to find all right service providers for yourself. The hair, make-up and all that! But, should you add a spray tan to the list too?! The answer is yes! But you will want to take what I am about to tell you into consideration. To ensure you get the bridal glow-up of your dreams, here are a small list of steps you should follow!

First things first, do not go to a spray tan booth, UV bed or use self tanner.

 If you are going to tan for the big day, please choose a professional spray tan artist. Wether that be here, at Glow Babe Studio or wherever you may be reading this from. (Glow Babe Studio is professionally trained in bridal tanning.) As professionals, we can customize the perfect tan you desire and that you will be happy to see in all your photos! By choosing a professional spray tan you have no risk of streaks from self tanning, UV sun burns or a “brassy” tan from a booth.

To add to that,  by choosing a professional airbrush tan for your wedding, you are giving your self the opportunity of a flawless even tan. No white spots under the breasts, no booty lines, just a gorgeous tan throughout your body!

Prepare for your spray tan.

Prepping for your spray tan begins days before your appointment! Make your spray tan the last beauty service you need before the big day! All the services listed below will need to be done before your spray tan:

  • waxing
  • mani & pedi
  • spa treatments such as facials
  • lashes
  • hair
  • med spa treatments such as botox & fillers

Prep your skin for your tan.

This will be the most important part on the bride’s end! Proper skin prep is key to getting that even color throughout the body!

  • Exfoliate your full body with a dry brush or exfoliating mitt. A loofah won’t count as an acceptable way of exfoliating. So make sure you grab a correct tool from Glow Babe Studio or any local drug store for a mitt or dry brush.
  • skip the oily body scrubs, such as a bath and body works scrub. You’ll want to use all natural scrubs and soaps. We recommend a oink himalayan salt or charcoal scrub. You’ll want to avoid products with sulfates, parabens and harsh chemicals.
  • Come to your appointment with bare skin. Meaning no deodorant, lotions or perfumes.
  • Come with loose, dark fitting clothing and flip flops.

Book your wedding tan 2 days before your wedding.

Your spray tan is always in its prime on day two! This also ensures no rub off on your dress because it is fully developed after the first 24 hours.

Follow all the after care instructions to keep the tan fresh for a full 5-10 days.

  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin daily. Spray tans need moisture! Lotion yourself twice a day to keep the tan from looking “crackely” in the later days.
  • Use all natural products on your skin. Stay away from heavy, creamy lotions, oils, and retinol products.
  • Short periods at a time in pools and pat dry.
  • Shorter showers with lukewarm water for long lasting results.

Tips for when your spray tan is developing.

This part is important! There is a time frame which your tan is developing that you will want to be careful. While your spray tan develops be sure to:

  • Not touch your spray tan! Resting your hands on top of your fresh spray tan will turn the palm of your hands and fingertips tan. This can be challenging to get remove. So be sure to rest without resting hands on yourself or crossing your legs and arms. Wearing long loose pants and a long sleeve t-shirt helps with this.
  • Stay dry! No sweating, no hand washing, no moisture anywhere. This can leave an undeveloped mark on your tan. So plan to sit and Netflix binge a good show until your rinsing time!

With all that said…. should you get a spray tan for your wedding? 

Why not?! You will be glowing from head to toe on your big day and beaming with confidence!  Just keep in mind everything discussed above! Find the perfect spray tan artist for you, know your color before the big day, prep your skin correctly and care for it properly!

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