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Common Spray Tan Mishaps and How to Fix Them!

Getting a spray tan can seem like such a simple process and, don’t get me wrong it is… however a spray tan gone wrong can really ruin your week!

What a spray tan can do for your confidence is immeasurable! It makes you feel happy, warm, you show up in that outfit you’ve been waiting to show off. Glow Babe Studio wants that feeling to last as long as absolutely possible!

Here we will chat about the common spray tan mishaps and what we can do to prevent and fix the problem so you can keep that confidence level on that high note you left your appointment on!

#1- You spilled water on yourself.


The moment everyone prays doesn’t happen after your spray tan appointment, your cup missed your mouth and you dripped your drink on your skin! I know this moment! It can make you panic but, I promise you it’s s not too hard to fix!

Here is how to quickly fix this problem by yourself at home:

Find a clean make up brush you can use on the area to gently rub and blend the tan. If it does not easily blend you can get a q-tip and put a small dab of lotion it. Apply your small dab of lotion to the spot where you spilled, then take your brush and rub in a circle motion until the color is blended back together! It’s s a quick fix and should only take a few circles to blend!

It does not need to look 100% back to normal either. 99% of the time these small mishaps rinse off on the first rinse and looks flawless!

But what if it doesn’t and you can see a spot? No worries, we can still help with that! Apply a small amount of self tanner to the lightened area. I recommend using a small make up brush to apply!

You can grab some self tanner at Glow Babe Studio!

#2- Your armpits have a weird color

This is common and the color is usually green! This will make anyone panic, I know! But this color usually lasts only while you’re wearing the bronzer, so before you rinse. This is the tanning solution reacting with the chemicals in your deodorant.

Super simple fix: Do not wear deodorant to your appointment. If you are wearing deodorant all day before your spray tan, exfoliate your under arms with just water and your exfoliating mitt before you come in.

#3- There are streaks down your legs.

You just did you first rinse and it looks great! But, oh wait, you turn around and see a streak of bronzer down your leg. This just means you missed a spot while rinsing. Hop back in the shower and rinse one more time. You can use your hands to rub your legs. Simple and easy fix!


#4- Your face and hands fading faster than the rest of your body.

Any spray tan artist will tell you that your hands and face will be the first to fade. It’s obvious why too. We’re always hand washing, using hand sanitizer, scrubbing our make up off at the end of every night.

How to avoid this- Simple, less hand washing! Avoid using your facial products that exfoliate your skin, including retinol, ABA’s and BHA’s. You can also purchase tan extender lotion at Glow Babe Studio.


#5-Spray tan faded faster on your legs/ankles

Your spray tan is going to fade faster if you are wearing tight fitting clothing all the time. The friction on your skin for a long period of time is going to cause your tan to rub off.

Avoid this by not wearing tight leggings for long periods of time. Especially in your first 3 days of your spray tan.


Remember, spray tans are topical. Only the top layers on your skin soap up that tan so too much friction on any area will cause some rubbing off. Just keep that in mind and enjoy your glow!

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