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From Depressed to a Spray Tanning Empire: My Journey into Spray Tan Training

After a shit storm year, marked by setbacks and the weight of a global pandemic, I found myself seeking something that could help bring my mojo back. A friend suggested I try a spray tan. So I booked one. Little did I know, that decision would not only transform my families life but also pave the way for me to show others how to do the same through comprehensive spray tan training.

After both my husband and I got laid off in the same week, just days after we put in our first ever offer in on a home, I was feeling more down than ever. I felt like I was just getting back on my feet too. The job excited me and I was just starting to feel passionate about it. So it felt like I got kicked in the gut when I lost it. A day later, double kicked when my husband was laid off too.

Amidst the chaos of our lives at the time, I booked my first spray tan, hoping for a sense of normalcy and a confidence boost. What I experienced was far beyond my expectations. Instantly, my mood lifted and it was like my depression was cured!  My skin glowed, my clothes fit better(not literally but I felt slimmer!), and my attitude was adjusted! It was more than just a cosmetic enhancement; it pulled me out of a depressive episode and ignited a sense of purpose within me. I immediately wanted to spray tan others and make them feel as good as I did with this new found bronze.

I was so inspired by this experience, I dove into the world of spray tanning with fervor. I researched everything I could about it!  However, the research wasn’t without its challenges. I quickly realized that resources for mastering the craft were scarce. In-person trainings seemed non-existent. Online courses were limited but seemed like the solution. But my online training was a bust. Instead of valuable information and teachings, I encountered mere product promotion for their own brands products and solutions.

Determined to fill this void and equipped with a burning desire to share the profound impact spray tanning as had on my life, I embarked on a mission to create something truly meaningful. Thus, my spray tan business building course was born.

This course isn’t just about mastering the technical and physical aspects of spray tanning; it’s a holistic approach that dives into the science behind sunless tanning. From understanding different skin tones, selecting the right solutions for clients and environments, and every aspect is meticulously covered.

There is so much information in this course. It is everything you need to start, launch and grow. Recognizing that success in the spray tan industry goes beyond technical proficiency, my course dives into the business side of things. From building a brand to effective advertising strategies, from obtaining licenses to maximizing income potential, every facet of entrepreneurship is explored.


In the course, I emphasize the importance of adding value to one’s service and fostering client loyalty. After all, it’s not just about one-time transactions; it’s about building lasting relationships and ensuring repeat business.

As I reflect and think how far I have come over the years… not just myself but my business, I’m literally filled with so much gratitude for the powerful transformation spray tanning has given me and I am so excited to share and help others do the same. If you’re ready to embark on your own journey of empowerment and entrepreneurship, join me in this experience.

I now offer an online course that you can go at your own pace all while getting a ton of valuable information. Not only that, the couse includes two coaching calls with me, So I can answer any questions and guide you as you get started.

There are two differnt prices, one is the course and the second option includes a full spray tan starter kit with a spray tan machine, a spray tan tent, solutions and supplies to help you get started.

If you are curious is this business could be a good fit for for you but you have questions, please feel free to rach out via my website, You can reach me via DM on Instagram or email, [email protected]. I’d be happy to help you decide if spray tanning is right for you!

You can find the courses here.



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