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What Do I Wear During & After My Spray Tan?

That spray tan you booked is on the horizon and you’re so pumped to get that glow up! But a thought keeps wandering in the […]

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How Long will my Spray Tan Last?

Everyone wants to know…. How long, realistically, can my spray tan last?  We all want it to last forever! It looks so good, you feel […]

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Should I Get A Spray Tan for my Wedding?

Wedding planning. Say no more, right?! So much to think about and plan! You have to find the perfect dress, venue, food… not to mention […]

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Common Spray Tan Mishaps and How to Fix Them!

Getting a spray tan can seem like such a simple process and, don’t get me wrong it is… however a spray tan gone wrong can […]

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What Soap is Best for my Spray Tan?

The million dollar question I get asked all the time and I am SO glad you’re asking because it means you’re going to take good […]

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What is the Best Sunscreen for my Spray Tan?

Wether it be spring break or summer time, you’re going to want to protect your skin all year long all while not fading your precious […]

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The Importance of Exfoliating Before Your Spray Tan!

Of course there are a few key steps in achieving the best spray tan but, the most important step will always be exfoliating! First, what […]

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