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The Best Pro Tips To Make Your Spray Tan Last Durning Winter

As the colder months roll in, it’s time to embrace all things cozy, from warm sweaters to hot cocoa. But what about that lovely spray tan you worked so hard to achieve during the sun-soaked summer? The good news is that with a little extra care, you can extend the life of your tan well into the winter season. We’re here to share the best pro tips to make your spray tan last during winter.

1. Exfoliate Before Your Spray Tan:

Your winter tan journey begins before you even step into the spray tanning booth. Gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and create a smooth canvas for your tan. Exfoliation helps the tanning solution adhere evenly to your skin.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize:

Winter air can be dry and harsh on your skin. To maintain your tan, hydrate regularly with a good-quality, fragrance-free moisturizer. Well-moisturized skin will help your tan stay vibrant for longer.

3. Opt for Lukewarm Showers:

Hot showers can be your tan’s worst enemy. Hot water can strip away your tan more quickly, so opt for lukewarm showers to help preserve your bronzed glow.

4. Use a Mild Shower Gel:

Choose a sulfate-free, gentle shower gel to cleanse your skin. Harsh soaps can be abrasive and lead to faster fading.

5. Pat, Don’t Rub, After Showering:

After your shower, pat your skin dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing vigorously. This gentle approach will help your tan last longer.

6. Sunless Tanner Safe Skincare:

Switch to sunless tanner safe skincare products. Regular skincare products, especially those with active ingredients, can reduce the longevity of your spray tan. Such as retinols.

7. Avoid Sweating After Your Tan:

Avoid activities that make you sweat excessively immediately after your spray tan, as sweat can lead to uneven fading. Opt for low-impact exercises during this time.

8. Hydrate from the Inside:

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Well-hydrated skin holds onto your tan for a more extended period.

9. Rehydrate Dry Areas:

Winter often targets specific areas like elbows, knees, and ankles. Use extra moisturizer on these areas to prevent your tan from fading unevenly.

10. Self-Tanning Extenders:

Consider using our in house tan extending lotion. Our lotion is specially formulated to nourish your skin and enhance the appearance of your tan.

11. Schedule Maintenance Sessions:

Plan regular maintenance spray tans to refresh your color and extend its life throughout the winter season.

12. Professional Advice:

Consult us, you spray tan specialists for additional tips and any exclusive products they recommend for winter tanning.

With our pro tips, you can keep your spray tan looking radiant and extend its life during the winter months. The key is regular maintenance, gentle care, and a few adjustments to your skincare routine. Embrace the winter season with confidence and a glowing tan that brightens even the chilliest of days!

Ready to keep your winter glow? Contact us to schedule your next maintenance spray tan and let us help you maintain your beautiful tan year-round!

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