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From Depressed to a Spray Tanning Empire: My Journey into Spray Tan Training

After a shit storm year, marked by setbacks and the weight of a global pandemic, I found myself seeking something that could help bring my mojo back. A friend suggested I try a spray tan. So I booked one. Little did I know, that decision would not only transform my families life but also pave […]

The Best Lotions for Your Spray Tan

The most important question I get and the most critical topic I won’t stop talking about: LOTION! It’s essential to invest in the best lotion to keep your spray tan glowing, long-lasting, and with an even fade. Without lotion, your tan can appear crackled, dry, and might even fade unevenly. But, not all lotions are […]

Brow Laminations: Elevate Your Look with Perfectly Groomed Brows

Picture this: you wake up, and your brows are already perfectly shaped, looking effortlessly put together. No need for hours of grooming, just flawless, naturally beautiful brows. Thanks to the wonder of brow laminations, this dream can become a reality. If you’re looking to elevate your look with perfectly groomed brows, read on to discover […]

Common Spray Tan Mishaps and How to Fix Them!

Common Spray Tan Mishaps and How to Fix Them!

Getting a spray tan can seem like such a simple process and, don’t get me wrong it is… however a spray tan gone wrong can really ruin your week! What a spray tan can do for your confidence is immeasurable! It makes you feel happy, warm, you show up in that outfit you’ve been waiting […]

What Soap is Best for my Spray Tan?

What Soap is Best for my Spray Tan?

The million dollar question I get asked all the time and I am SO glad you’re asking because it means you’re going to take good care of your spray tan! The key to an amazing, long lasting tan, is taking good care of your skin! This includes using a spray tan approved body wash! First […]

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