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How Long will my Spray Tan Last?

Everyone wants to know…. How long, realistically, can my spray tan last?  We all want it to last forever! It looks so good, you feel so confident and you are so obsessed you just do not ever want it to fade! Sis, I feel the same way!

Every spray tan is unique to each client because everyone’s skin is different. Not one is the same. We all naturally shed skin at our bodies own rate. You should be getting anywhere between 5-12 days out of each spray tan.

Many factors will play into how long your tan will last and I am here to tell you exactly how how to keep that tan fresh for as long as you can!

What not to do

Let’s say you got your spray tan last night and you just rinsed off this morning. This is the moment you need to remember that your spray tan is still developing! Whether you did a 4 hour spray tan or an 8 hour spray tan, both types of tans take a full 24 hours to completely develop. With this in mind be careful of what you out on your skin on this day.

What to not do in the first 24 hours of your spray tan:

  • wash your body with soap
  • shave
  • sweat(no work outs)
  • submerge yourself in the pool or ocean
  • use retinol products

All the above will fade your fresh tan and we want to avoid that. The first 24 hours is important.

That first rinse is to get that cosmetic bronzer off. That’s the stuff that gives you the instant gratification when you step out of the spray tan area! This first rinse, you will see that all go down the drain. Very normal, and is supposed to happen so do not panic. Do not use soap during this because you do not want to rinse off the active ingredient that tans your skin, known as DHA(dihydroxyacetone).  Let the DHA and your skin create the beautiful bronzed magic those first 24 hours!


What to do after the first 24 hours:

  • Take shorter showers.
  • Shower water should not be too hot.

Hot water and steam cause our pores and skin to loosen up so layers of skin can easily shed. Remember your spray tan is sitting on the top layer of your skins dermis. So hot steamy showers will fade your tan! Keep it short and warm!

  • Use spray tan approved soaps and lotions!

Find my favorite body wash recommendations here.

  • Avoid shaving cream.

Instead, use one of the spray tan approved soaps in replacement of shaving cream. Heavy creamy products such as a shaving cream will take your tan right off.

  • Minimal sweating.

A little drying powder helps so much with this.

  • Pat dry after each shower or any time you get wet.
  • Avoid spa treatments such as massages and facials.
  • Avoid oily products.
  • Do not soak in a hot tub.


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