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What is the Best Sunscreen for my Spray Tan?

Wether it be spring break or summer time, you’re going to want to protect your skin all year long all while not fading your precious spray tan! This post to help you make the right choice when it comes to what sunscreen to wear with your spray tan!

A couple of helpful tips when choosing a sunscreen:

1. Avoid oil based sunscreens. Oily products speed up your skins natural exfoliation process, which will lead to a pretty quick fade! And whats the point of investing in an amazing spray tan if its not going to last!?

2. Same rule applies for aerosol sprays. These types of sunscreens contain alcohol. Alcohol is notorious for drying your skin out. This could cause your tan to patch and fade unevenly… so not cute!

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “that sounds easy”… until you get to the store and there are a million different sunscreens to choose! Between lotions, sticks, aerosols,  mineral sunscreens, it’s just overwhelming. But don’t stress! You’re going to get all the best suggestions right now!

Here are my top 5 choices I recommend you grab before you head out for a day in the sun. All these sunscreens I am about to show you are free from oils, oxybenzone, sulfates, and harsh chemicals!


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4.– it’s not just for babies!
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Now you’re all set for some fun in the sun! Not only that,  your skin will stay hydrated, protected and BRONZED!
You’re doing the right thing by choosing safe tanning and safe products! Protect that investment girl! You did not get a spray tan for nothing!


Let me know below if this was helpful information!

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